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Mercedes E Class

Unmatched Mercedes E Class hire in Essex and the surrounding area

Hire a Mercedes E Class and discover how this all new vehicle from Mercedes has been perfected over the years. Its attractive new sleek look and fresh design from 2013 has definitely made the Mercedes E Class the hire car of choice if you want to turn heads. This new re-work offers more legroom, unparalleled comfort and a striking new style.

The combination of an experienced and professional chauffeur with a Mercedes E Class hire vehicle will leave you feeling completely and utterly relaxed all the way to your destination. The innovative suspension technology, which adapts to different surfaces, enables the Mercedes E Class to effortlessly iron out imperfections in the road. Unlike with the older models, this new feature ensures that only the best and harmonious smooth journey is experienced.

Rent the Mercedes E Class for an eco-friendly journey to your destination

Amongst the many reasons to hire a Mercedes E Class is the fact that it features BlueTEC, which is the cleanest diesel technology to date. This clever system reduces pollution and ensures noise is cut to a minimum. The innovative combination of advanced common-rail direct injection, optimised combustion and modular emissions control systems reduces particulate levels by up to 95% and removes up to 90% of nitrogen oxides. This leaves little but water, harmless nitrogen and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done your bit for the environment by booking a Mercedes E Class for hire. It’s a modern and eco-friendly vehicle which is nothing but spectacular.

Luggage for 3 persons is not a problem if you hire a Mercedes E Class thanks to its increased boot capacity. No matter how long or short your journey will be, all of our Mercedes E class vehicles and our stellar chauffeur service is guaranteed by our full money back guarantee. Please call 07542 344887 for bookings or to obtain more details about the best Mercedes E Class hire Essex has to offer! Our Other fleet cars include: Mercedes S Class, Mercedes Viano, Mercedes E Class

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